Makabayan bloc denounces An Waray led attack on Bayan Muna, Kontra Daya

BAYAN MUNA, Anakpawis, Gabriela, Kabataan and Act Teachers denounced the attack of An Waray, Ako Bicol and Anad against Bayan Muna, Bayan and Kontra Daya as cheap diversionary and retaliatory tactics of fake, marginalized party list groups.

Instead of facing the disqualification cases filed by Kontra Daya against them, they vented their ire on Bayan Muna, exposing the true nature of An Waray, Ako Bikol and Anad as bogus party list groups of multi-millionaires, political dynasties and government adjuncts who are bent on ousting those representing the marginalized and underrepresented from the party list system, the group said in a joint statement.

The issues hurled against them by Kontra Daya that they do not belong to marginalized and underrepresented sectors as required by law is a legitimate and valid issue. The issue strikes at the heart of the party list system which is now dominated and bastardized by multimillionaires, political dynasties, government officials and their immediate relatives.

Resorting to childish antics specifically shutting down their offices and refusal to provide assistance to the intended beneficiaries of the public funds that were given them by tax payers is intended to divert the issues raised by Kontra Daya and affirmed by the COMELEC.

It only shows that An Waray, Ako Bicol and Anad are bereft of any argument against a sincere effort by the public to cleanse the party list system of party list groups created by the rich and powerful to get seats in Congress at the expense of the poor and powerless.

“The threat of An Waray to withdraw support to the planned senatorial bid by Rep. Teddy Casino further shows its lack of comprehension of the issues involved.  While Rep. Casino welcomes the support of any group who wishes to place a representative of the poor in the Senate, he cannot accede to the unprincipled request to criticize the legitimate issues raised by election watchdog Kontra Daya,” they said.

“We, the representatives of Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Gabriela, Kabataan and ACT Teachers Party List, have faced the attacks on their members and the campaigns launched against us by the military and powerful political clans during elections,” the group said.

“We will face the recent challenge with the same resolve because we have to fight to retain the voice of our poor and marginalized constituents in Congress. We ask An Waray, Ako Bicol and Anad to also face the issues raised by Kontra Daya and the Comelec.  After all, these are legitimate issues by the marginalized and underrepresented poor,” they said.

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