NCRPO to reshuffle poor performing officials

THE National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) ordered on Thursday a revamp of police stations and block commanders in Metro Manila following a spate of criminal incidents in the metropolis.

NCRPO chief, Director Leonardo Espina issued the order for revamp after making rounds of police districts in the metropolis and reviewed the performance of stations and block commands.

“I have directed all the district and station commanders to immediately change all the police community precinct commanders (PCP) that are wanting in performance,” the NCRPO chief said.

Espina said that priority for the reshuffle will be police commanders that have performed poorly in the anti-criminality campaign and those whose area have been hit by sensational cases like robbery incidents.

The NCRPO chief added that police commanders that would be reshuffled or whose areas have been hit by sensational cases will also be investigated for apparent operational lapses.

“We intend to inject new blood to these areas and break the complacency and also to investigate operational lapses which fall short of what are expected of commanders,” Espina said.

The NCRPO chief added that the complacency displayed by some police commanders resulted to sensational cases and dented the recent achievement of the police in lowering crime rate in the metropolis.

“Added strategies in consultation will all (stake-holders) are also being adopted,” Espina said.

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