Network launches BONI150 to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary Andres Bonifacio

THE Komite Para sa Paggunita ng ika-150 kaarawan ni Gat Andres Bonifacio(BONI150 Committee) was formally launched today at the Bahay Nakpil-Bautista House Museum, 432 A. Bautista Street, Quiapo, Manila.

The network is an independent conglomeration of organizations and individuals united by their commitment to celebrate the life and struggle of the Supremo of the Kataasataasan, Kagalang-galangan, Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (Katipunan), which he founded to fight the Spanish colonizers.

BONI150 Committee aims to underscore the priceless contribution of our heroes to the development of the Filipino nation and make relevant the lessons and experiences of the past.

“We Filipinos have a treasure named Andres Bonifacio. He worked tirelessly to organize fellow Filipinos to fight for freedom against imperial Spain, taught us the importance of loving the country and the need to help one another, reiterated the need for Filipinos to enjoy the resources of the Philippines and not allow foreigners to plunder our nation. Andres also aimed for equality of all people, regardless of creed and color,” said Julie Po, co-convenor of BONI150 and Director of the Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino. “Indeed, it is both an honor and
privilege to be part of the celebration of his 150th birth anniversary.”

According to Po, BONI150 Committee has started activities aimed to celebrate the Supremo’s heritage.

“We started our activities last July 7, 2012, commemorating the 120 years of the founding of the Katipunan. The members of the network also held a concert at the Rizal Park and recently started Paaralang Bonifacio, a mobile school centered on sharing information on Andres and the Katipunan. We encouraged everyone to join the activities of the network and conduct their own events celebrating the life of Andres.”

“We are preparing more activities for the sesqui centennial of Andres and the events and gatherings will culminate on November 30, 2013,” said Po.

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