Pasay juvenile delinquents getting more daring

THE streets of Libertad, Pasay was a little less densely populated on November 1 as people were presumed to be in the cemeteries visiting their loved ones.

There were more enforcers than usual to direct traffic, yet again, there were no policemen in sight.

According to my friend, Kapitana Luz Santos Cadiz, there were only six policemen in the area, the reason why the city needed to beef up security with the traffic enforcers in green.

Sadly, about four members of a Pasay City Police Station 10 in Merville were recently caught on an ABS-CBN video sleeping while on duty, thus negating the local police’s justification for hiring traffic enforcers.

Well, somehow it is a relief to see the men in green in the streets than not seeing any police in the area at all.

However, maybe because they are “mere” traffic enforcers—not law enforcers—the men in green seem helpless against juvenile delinquents roaming the area who bully almost everyone—from vendors to buyers, the commuting public, students and employees.

I saw a group of these children getting their hands on a vendor’s wares; the vendor could merely shout “hoy!” and the boys simply smirk, drop the wares and smile sarcastically as if aghast.

A jeepney driver once narrated how two of his passengers were snatched of their cellphones at the same time by these kids.

A taxi driver said he was robbed of his daily earnings by bukas kotse boys who opened his taxi from the driver’s door and casually took his money from his polo shirt pocket.

At the second floor of the Pasay City Youth Home, these children in conflict with the law are being assured by their friends who are in the gate that they would get them out of the facility fast.

They would sneer, jeer and yell to people and among themselves as if being detained was an ordinary occurrence to them.

All of those who are yelling at them promising their release were children as well, making me wonder where their parents are.

Obviously, the juvenile delinquency problem in Pasay City is basically behavioural.

Sadly, nobody’s to blame but the parents.

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