Police backs bill requiring installations of security cameras in business establishments

THE National Capital Regional Police Office (Ncrpo) on Tuesday threw its support on a bill filed in congress that seeks for a mandatory installation of security cameras in all business establishments in the country.

House Bill 6661 or the Closed Circuit Television Camera Requirement Act of 2012 requires the installation of security camera in establishments as requisite for registering or renewing business licenses.

NCRPO chief, Director Leonardo Espina said that he is in support of the said bill, which he describe as additional tool that police can use in fighting off crimes and maintaining peace and order.

“Yes… I am in support of that bill. CCTV’s is an effective tool in solving crimes. It assists us in reviewing crimes that transpired and identify suspects thereby solving crimes,” Espina said in a text message.

The NCRPO chief added that not only in solving crimes, security cameras, he was also an effective instrument in crime prevention and maintaining peace and order in the community.

“They (CCTVs) also serve as a deterrents to the commission of crimes,” Espina said.

PNP chief, Director General Nicanor Bartolome had earlier proposed the installation of security cameras in business establishment as another means of deterring and solving crimes.

In the proposed bill filed by Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo, the PNP will formulate rules, policies and technologically link the police stations and precincts to the every establishment within its area of jurisdiction.

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