Solon seeks creation of a National Crime Database

TO upgrade the country’s crime fighting capabilities and hasten resolution of crimes, a lawmaker insists on the establishment of a national crime database.

“This central computerized database will strengthen and expand inter-agency coordination and cooperation in terms of criminal records and other pertinent data needed to hasten resolution and prevention of crimes,” Rep. Marcelino Teodoro (1st District, City of Marikina) said.

Teodoro, author of HB 5709 or the National Crime Database Act of 2012,” is proposing the creation of a complete and accurate criminal record database which is a crucial element in modern crime fighting and prevention programs.

“I am confident the Committee on Public Order and Security would give due consideration to my proposal while there’s still time until our term ends in 2013,” Teodoro said.

The bill would require the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police to provide information and records for the National Identification Index and the National Fingerprint File in order to provide criminal history records in a timely fashion.

Likewise, it should create criminal history records repositories, and for non-criminal justice purposes, to update existing criminal records system that are currently outdated and contain incomplete or incorrect information.

“This data central would make accessible detailed database of criminal history records, including arrest and dispositions,” Teodoro said.

Criminal history records means information collected by criminal agencies on individuals consisting of identifiable descriptions and notations of arrests, detentions, indictments, or other formal criminal charges, and any disposition arising there from, including acquittal, sentencing, correctional supervision, or release.
The terms do not include identification information such as fingerprint records if such information does not indicate involvement of the individual with the criminal justice system.

The measure mandates the establishment of a National Crime Database Council which shall have the authority to promulgate rules and procedures governing the use of the III System for criminal justice and non-criminal justice purposes.

“III System” or the “Interregional Identification Index System” means the system for the storage of criminal information, about an arrested or charges individual maintained by the NBI to provide position identification of record subject indexed in the III System.

Non-Criminal justice purposes means uses of criminal history records for crime prevention and other legitimate law enforcement purposes authorized by law including, but not limited to, employment suitability or licensing determination, immigration and naturalization matters, and national security clearances.

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