Stronger political party rather than anti-dynasty law

WHILE some may opt to be silent and let others continue with their move to push our

lawmakers to debate and eventually enact a bill against the de-cades-issue – the political

dynasty – the mayor of Valenzuela City, Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian, comes out openly and

says his piece against such move.

Admitting he’s somehow affected since he has younger brothers in the name of Rep. Rex  Gatchalian (District 1) and Alay Buhay Partylist Rep. Wes Gatchalian who’re also in

government service, he nonetheless, clarifies that his stand mustn’t be misconstrued that

he’s merely defending theirs.

Though he couldn’t do nothing if any proposal materializes both at the Upper and Lower  Chambers but Mayor Gatchalian would just be wondering if it takes place in the country

when in fact, he observes, there was even no such law anywhere in the world.

He maintains that the people should not be deprived of good leaders who happen to come from the same family or relatives. Mayor Win says: “Personally, I do not agree to the proposal for the lawmakers to pass a bill for that purpose, it’s not because there are Gatchalians in the government service.”

Already on his third and last term as the city’s highest elected official, Mayor Gatchalian instead pushes for the strengthening of the political parties which should choose the best candidates for the right elective positions. “In our current political system what we must do is strengthen the political parties and let the party decide who should be the best candidates for the particular or given elective posts,” the Valenzuela mayor notes.

Was it our fault or do we deserve to be blamed if we happen to be carrying the same family name who are all willing and capable to serve the public?” he asks.

The youthful Valenzuela mayor may have logic on his position over the matter. For if it gets nod from the legislators, those that are deserving, honest and competent candidates or leaders who happen to be relatives and carrying the same family name would then be eliminated.

In this case, the losers would be the people in the end for they would be deprived of the honest and competent public service of those qualified candidates whose only mistake if they can call it a mistake is that they are carrying the same family names.

Short of prodding the lawmakers, Mayor Gatchalian believes the focus should be made on these local political parties from the provinces and local government units that he says must be removed.

He proposes for stronger and more solid political parties from national down to local level.

Nevertheless, it is still the electorate that has the final say if they want the candidates regardless if they belong to the same family or relatives because they know who are qualified for the posts.

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