US waste dump shows VFA is toxic for nation’s sovereignty – Anakbayan

YOUTH group Anakbayan said the dumping of toxic waste of US contractors in Subic shows that the Visiting Forces Agreement is toxic for our nation’s sovereignty and should be junked immediately.

The VFA allows US troops to get away with destruction of our natural resources, and dumping of American junk in our shores.

“No self-respecting nation will allow “visitors” to dump toxic waste in their country. This is clearly a violation of our nation’s sovereignty and an insult to our nation,” the group said.

Vencer Crisostomo, Anakbayan National Chairperson,  said it is appalling that our government seems to be protecting these miscreants instead of our nation’s interests. The Palace is quick to condemn China’s threats but are meek as a lamb when it comes to US’ actual trampling of our rights.

“The Aquino government’s Presidential Commission on the VFA has ignorantly shielded the Glenn Defense Marine Asia from any probe into the toxic waste dumping incidents. The Palace now says that VFA cannot be invoked to defend the private contractors. Isn’t this an admission that if the crime was done by US soldiers, that they could not be held responsible?

The VFACOM’s blocking of the investigation into the matter is a treasonous act, and a grave violation of our sovereignty. Even as we have regained the titles to former US military bases, such as Subic, foreign-owned defense ships have reclaimed these areas. Worse, the deployed troops enjoy impunity, he said.

As they have thrown their unwelcome wastes in our territory, every US ship must be wiped clean from Philippine shores. The VFACOM, the contractor up to the US government must be held liable for this wrong continuously being done to us, the group said.

“We urge the government to stop further US military deployment in our country, stop US-RP exercises and investigate the abuses being done by US personnel and contractors. Congress and Senate must move fast to junk the toxic VFA, the treaty detrimental to national interest. We must not wait until further damage is done,” the group said.

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