Youth, parents and teachers troop to congress, demand the stopping of K-12 bill

DIFFERENT groups and sectors marched to the Batasan Pambansa, calling for congress to stop the K-12 bill from being approved on its 3rd reading.

November 5 is the resumption of congress’ session and House Bill 6643 had previously been approved by its second reading despite the growing clamour against the policy. The League of Filipino Students along with many high school students noted during the protest that their experiences with K-12 had left no positive effect on their education.

Mai Uichanco, LFS secretary general, stated that “the school year may be only half way through but we have already seen how unprepared the nation is for K-12. We aren’t just talking about the implementation but the thousands of shortages in facilities and staff that the state refuses to acknowledge.”

She added that “the only thing that remotely encourages parents to support K-12 is the false promise of employment. But the reality is that the only promise the Aquino administration is making is to neglect the local economy and focus on labor export.”

In many schools, LFS has observed that teachers are either having a hard time adjusting to the new curriculum or that it does not fit the certain academic levels of students. Basically K-12 is not a fit for the current state of Philippine education.

Parents also spoke out against the added financial burden K-12 brings without any guarantee for economic development.

“It’s hard enough becoming a teacher, now they are force feeding a new curriculum as well as allowing unlicensed teachers in professional positions. The students are the ones suffering from these programs” added Uichanco.

“Aquino looks decisive on maintaining K-12 as a flagship reform despite the widespread criticism. We demand that congress stop railroading this bill without even considering undertaking a comprehensive review. Expanding it will only worsen its effects on society” Concluded Uichanco.

LFS and other progressive organizations plan to conduct more protests and lobbying with lawmakers until K-12 is scrapped.

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