Aquino leaves bloody trail of human rights violations – Anakbayan

THE youth group Anakbayan expressed alarm today at the spate of rights abuses since he came to power, and some occurring just days before the International Human Rights Day.

“Aquino just proves that he is the worst disaster to hit this country, with the number of human rights violations under his regime,” said Anakbayan chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

Extrajudicial killings went up by thirteen from July this year, and massacres in communities affected by large-scale mining have become a trend under the Aquino administration.

The Tampakan Massacre is the most recent related to a mining issue when soldiers strafed the home of anti-mining B’laan tribe leader Daguil Capion, killing his sleeping pregnant wife and two children.

“We condemn how this administration protects and even encourages big mining companies, who exploit our nation’s resources and bring murder to communities, and how the government condones killings by not pinning down the real masterminds,” Crisostomo said.

The daughter of a desaparesido, Jimmylisa Badayos, was also reported to have been taken by police and military forces, along with her co-worker Calixto Vistal who is still missing.

“Is this what the AFP says that the likes of Palparan are no longer existent in their ranks? Anyone suspected of being a member or supporter of the NPA are still being targeted, and our Anakbayan is not excluded. So are other civilians. Anyone of us could end up behind bars, or somewhere never to be seen again,” he said.

Last December 3, activists Randy Vegas and Raul Camposano (organizers of Courage), were abducted by state agents but were surfaced days later in Camarines Norte Provincial Jail. The two underwent mental torture during detention.

“The incidents of political prisoners have also went up since the first two quarters this year. There are now 401 of them in military camps and shelters all over the country, all illegally detained for trumped-up charges,” he added.

Anakbayan emphasized that these would not have been possible without orders from the upper echelons, including the commander-in-chief Aquino himself.

“Mr. Aquino is wreaking havoc in people’s lives with his counter-insurgency program. It needs to be stopped , if he really is concerned and respects human life, Oplan Bayanihan needs to be junked,” Crisostomo said.

Since 2010, Karapatan has documented 114 extrajudicial killings, 12 enforced disappearances, 70 incidents of torture, more than 200 illegal arrests both with and without detention.

Of the 114, 11 are minors mostly victims of indiscriminate firing in military operations or deliberate liquidations of, for example, families of anti-mining tribe leaders. Six of the killings occurred in the NCR while most of the abductions transpired in the countryside.

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