Bill establishes a proficiency assessment body to hire public school teachers

A lawmaker has filed a measure establishing an independent proficiency assessment body to handle the appointment and hiring of teachers for public elementary and secondary levels.

Rep. Kimi Cojuangco (5th District, Pangasinan) said House Bill 6701 aims to improve the quality of public school education by hiring those that are truly qualified for the job.

“The measure will ensure that the Filipino learners will be receiving quality education from qualified teachers as well as protect the system from corrupt practices, personal biases and personal favors which are often times politically motivated,” Cojuangco said.

“It is no mystery what the state of public education in the Philippines is and the way to fix it is to make sure that the Filipinos are given the best possible education by qualified teachers,” Cojuangco added.

Cojuangco said one of the primordial goals of basic education to eliminate mediocrity in instruction is by instituting a system that will ensure only quality teachers and those who have the potential to be leaders in education shall be allowed to occupy basic teaching positions in public elementary and secondary education.

Under the measure, the Independent Proficiency Assessment for Applicant Teachers shall be established to handle the hiring of new teachers in public elementary and secondary levels.

Applicant teachers must undergo and pass before they may be included in the Registry of Qualified Applicants and in the division-wide rank list.

The Division Selection Committee organized by the School division Superintendent, pursuant to DepEd Order 20, series of 2009 shall prepare the Registry of Qualified Applicants and the division-wide rank list.

No applicant for teaching positions shall be appointed and hired unless included in the Registry of Qualified Applicants and in the district-wide rank list of applicants.

The College of Education of the University of the Philippines shall be the lead agency responsible for the conduct of the Independent Proficiency Assessment for Applicant Teachers, and shall prepare the rules of the examination, its method, type, coverage, planning and dissemination.

Any person who shall alter, modify, tamper with the true and correct results of the proficiency assessment, or in any manner, obstruct, prevent, delay, or hinder the release, for the purpose of giving undue advantage to an applicant shall be fined P50,000 or a maximum of two year imprisonment or both at the discretion of the court.

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