DA sees value-chain approach to uplift farmers

SUBIC BAY , Zambales – The Department of Agriculture is utilizing the value-chain marketing approach to provide more opportunities for smallholder farmers.

DA undersecretary Joel S. Rudinas said the concept of value-chain approach would help push for the promotion of farmers’ produce into the higher level of the market.

“The value-chain approach will be a vehicle of the Philippine Rural Development Program (PRPD),” Rudinas said.

DA is now preparing PRDP, a six-year national government platform for an inclusive growth, value-chain oriented, and climate-resilient agriculture and fisheries sector expected to pool total funds of $671.59 million or close to P28 billion from a World Bank (WB) loan portfolio and equity share of national and local government units (LGUs).

“There are production surplus but they are seasonal and some volumes of this surplus just get rotten or perished and accounts for harvest losses,” Rudinas said.

“With PRDP as the platform, we want to create a chain of economic opportunities to bring farmers’ produce in the higher level of the value-chain to generate more income, and more opportunities and reduce our harvest losses,” Rudinas added.

Value chain refers to the full range of activities that are required to bring a produce or services through the different phases of production, including physical transformation and the inputs of various producer services and response to the consumer demand stated in a separate presentation of World Bank Marketing Specialist Flordeliza Lantican.

Rudinas noted that most of the value-adding activities are done in the urban areas far from the production areas of the farmers.

“We want to link this gap by building the social and physical infrastructure for the continuous flow of product to the value-chain,” Rudinas said.

PRDP aims to increase farmers’ income in agri-fishery sector in the program area
and develop a more market-oriented and climate resilient agriculture and fishery sector.

Rudinas added that for sustainable agri-fishery to generate income for smallholders for further investments, all stakeholders share in the investment and utilize climate-smart approaches to farming activities.

Rudinas further said PRDP did not start from scratch; its springboard is the successful implementation of the Mindanao Rural Development Program.

PRDP is expected to roll out its first set of projects next year.

The program’s components include I-Plan (Investments in agriculture and fisheries modernization plan); I-BUILD (intensified building up of infrastructure and logistics for development); I-REAP (investments in rural enterprises and agriculture and fisheries productivity); I-SUPPORT (implementation program support).

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