GOPAC hosting opts Angara to quit Aurora gubernatorial bid

SENATOR Edgardo Angara on Friday said he opted to withdraw his gubernatorial bid in the province of Aurora due to his international commitment such the hosting of Global Organization of Parliamentarians against Corruption (GOPAC) to be held in Manila in January.

“Hindi na ako magpapatuloy na tumakbong gobernador ng Aurora. Tinalakay ko ito with my family and closed friends.  Unang-una, at kung maggo-gobernador ako at sigurado naman akong mananalo,  ako ay kailangan to stay in Aurora to be able to be a good governor, so matatali ako doon, and I will be unable to fully to fulfil my international commitment,” Angara said.

In a press conference, Angara said that he will be hosting in January, as the sponsoring head of the anti-corruption conference in Manila.

“Right now, we have more than 300 participants around the world have registered with us and we expected 450 members of parliaments all over the world, as well as non-governmental organization involved in the anti-corruption programs, to attend the conference, “Angara said.

Angara added that as the vice chairman of the global network against corruption, he is mandated to take all the responsibilities in arranging the conference in Manila.

“I have been asked by the executive board if am preferred and willing to assume the leadership on this international anti-corruption body immediately after the Manila conference,” Angara said.

Aside from GOPAC, Angara explained that he was elected in the executive board of the Christian Democratic International (Centrist Democratic International), the biggest political alliance in the world composed of almost all ruling party in Europe and Latin America are member of the alliance.

“I am elected in the executive board, and we will be hosting the next executive meeting in Manila, maybe in May or June,” he said.

Thirdly, Angara said that he is also committed to head the Angara Law and Economic, an international body of economists and political scientists that brought several prominent people into the country.

“This alone, not to count my national commitments, and local commitment will really tied me down, it will be unfair for the people of Aurora, and if I am going to be the governor, I will be an absentee governor,” Angara said.

“That is not the style I pursued in my public life and when I took responsibilities, I do it singularly, unobstructed by any except doing my report,” he said.

Angara said he will be substituted by his brother Dr. Arthur Angara, the incumbent mayor of Baler and president of the Aurora Mayors’ League.

“With my family and friends, we decided that I will be substituted by Mayor Angara, the current president of the mayors’ league, who has been an outstanding mayor of Baler, he is an achiever, and I am positive he will be elected as governor,” Angara said.

The senator said he can support Aurora through his international organizations and his work here in Manila which he can provide a back-up support to the people of Aurora.

Angara also denied that he quitted the gubernatorial post because he was offered by the administration a government post.

“Now, it is not true, that the reason I am quitting the race because I am offered a government post, that is not true. Although I am preferred to help the government, but I am not preferred to accept any Cabinet position of that sort.

“I am preferred to help the government on specific assignments like what I did for the President, when I went to Mexico, two weeks ago, to attend the inauguration of the new Mexican president and I have met the four top business groups in Mexico, and I have convinced them to come and see the Philippines,” Angara further said.

He also dismissed the notion that the controversy hounding the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (APECO), was behind his withdrawal from the gubernatorial race.

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