House approves on second reading bill institutionalizing PNHRS

THE House of Representatives has approved on second reading a bill which seeks to institutionalize the Philippine National Health Research System (PNHRS).

House Bill 6735 defines PNHRS as a framework anchored on the principles of essential National Health Research on inclusiveness, participation, quality, equity, efficiency and effectiveness which connect to, and converge with, the wider health, economic, political, educational and science and technology (S & T) systems of the country.

Under the bill, PNHRS is institutionalized within the mandate of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD), the national coordinating body for health research.

The PNHRS aims to improve the health status, productivity, and the quality of life of Filipinos by ensuring that health research is linked to the health system needs and investments in health research yield the most benefit.

Another objective of the PNHRS is to promote good governance in research towards high performing and ethical health research organizations.

It also seeks to establish a viable system that shall strengthen national and international networking partnerships for health research development.

The bill provides for the composition of the PNHRS which are the Governing Council (GC), Steering Committee, the Technical Working Committees (TWC) and the Secretariat.

The Governing Council is tasked to set policies and directions for the PNHRS among others while it is one of the functions of the Steering Committee to recommend policies to the Governing Council.

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