It’s responsible parenthood

TRULY he is his people’s representative at the Lower Chamber because he chooses to listen to their wishes, know and feel their plight and defend them in the best way he can outside and inside the august chamber.

That’s Rep. Rex Gatchalian of Valenzuela City’s First District, the youthful and younger brother of Mayor Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian and elder brother of Wes Gatchalian, of Alay Buhay partylist.

Take for example about the controversial bill on responsible parenthood and reproductive health. Cong. Rex used to be a firm pro-Reproductive Health bill during his first in 2007 but he decided to withdraw his position and opted to stay neutral on his second term after realizing that he didn’t have to be biased, as his immediate cons-tituents would suggest, unless he has effectively weighed in the measure’s pros and cons.

“I kept an open mind and I believe democracy is about compromises and listening to others’ point of view. That’s why I listened to my immediate constituents who urged me not to quickly be on the side of pro-RH bill because they’re true I would appear to be bias,”

“After all, they were the ones (in reference to city residents) who put me to my current post. So it’s only proper that I must represent  them and I must be their voice in Congress,” says the spokesman of the Nationalist People’s Coalition.

Now that there were major changes in House Bill 4244 as compromised versions, he’s informing his immediate constituents that he’s voting for the passage of the bill.

Under the compromised version, he says all birth control methods that prevent a fertilized egg from attaching itself to the lateral lining of the uterus are prohibited while sex education will be optional as parents are given all the leeway to decide if they want their children to be taught.

Moreover, a health service provider can opt to pass his job to others if it would not conform to his  religious beliefs, he says.

“It’s not all about birth control and reproductive health. That’s why it should not be called RH (in reference to reproductive health) as what has always been put on the headlines but RP being responsible parenthood for it (HB4244) provides universal access especially to the pre-natal and post-natal and health care for women, among others,” Rep. Rex says.

Debunking claims that the bill was meant to promote business, he explains that “RP Bill’ gives all options for the people to plan their family or using the methods – artificial or natural.

“How can this all be about business when for example the rhythm method, which does need any contraceptives or pills, forms big part of the bill which provides information about this for the people to know? Poverty should not be a hindrance for everyone to get access to complete health care and have the right to ideal family.”

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