Jinggoy for VP

WHY not? With the brand of leadership Sen. Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada is possessing he can indubitably be up there in the near future. In fact, there’s such great possibility that he could be a presidential timber. Nevertheless, let’s give Vice President Jojo Binay a chance to get the highest government of the land come 2016 but in a certainly and hotly contested presidential race.

And since he’s still at his fountain of youth, so to speak, and energetic as well, Sen. Jinggoy can be a formidable contender in the vice presidential race of course as VP Binay’s running mate. Surely, they’d be a perfect tandem.

Knowing him for years, this writer is grateful having the opportunity to work with him as media relations and public information officer when he was mayor of San Juan. And if given a chance, I am very willing to work with him again that’s when political destiny would be good to him.

After years with him in San Juan,  I don’t have now a chance to see and talk with Jinggoy anymore but I keep a close watch at him over the years especially now that he’s at the Senate where he indomitably excels. I can’t really help but admire him much. He’s unstoppable. He always makes himself present and active on committee hearings, inquiries, at the session hall, on TV, on radio and gatherings especially with the poor.

He’s certainly omnipresent.

Really, like father like son. When Erap became a movie actor, he also became a movie actor and they both obtained numerous acting awards. When Erap became mayor, Jinggoy did too.

His father became Vice Presi-dent before he was elected President and if the current political situation warrants it, Senator Jinggoy may become our future vice-president, wanna bet?  (TO BE CONTINUED)

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