Katribu joins 2013 partylist race

KATRIBU Indigenous Peoples’ Partylist is formally entering the electoral arena after the Commission on Elections (Comelec) released on November 29, 2012 the official list of the 79 partylist groups permitted to participate in the 2013 partylist race.

The decision was unanimous. All 7 Comelec commissioners voted to retain the accreditation of KATRIBU.

Beverly Longid, national president and first nominee of KATRIBU, in her delight said, “there is no more impediment to our participation in the upcoming partylist elections. Our participation is a continuation of the long running struggle of indigenous peoples for land, life and rights.”

KATRIBU Indigenous Peoples’ Partylist first joined the elections in 2010 but fell short of votes. Despite this, KATRIBU continued its program in upholding the interests, welfare and rights of indigenous peoples especially on ancestral land and self-determination, and for the interest of impoverished Filipinos.

“We have hurdled the first obstacle but there is more to be done. We have to further prepare for the upcoming campaign and election day.”

“In 2010, we faced the challenge of political vilification, militarization of katribu communities and limited resources. Our track record in the past years speaks of sincere service to indigenous peoples,” Longid added.

Our increasing membership and volunteers compensates for our limited resources,” Longid added.

“We will continue what we have started, in and out of the halls of Congress, and expect that we will be part of the people’s movement as long as inequality and injustice exists,” Longid say

“While we are pleased over the unanimous decision of the COMELEC on our petition . We wondering and worried over the decision of the COMELEC to approved bogus indigenous people partylist such as Abante Tribung Makabansa and Abante Katutubo.” Longid explain

Abante Mindanao is headed by former lawyer Hermenegildo Dumlao, While ATM is lead by former military men Col. Allen Capuyan who does not belong to any indigenois people tribe.

“As for the case of ATM, it a clear violation of the Supreme Court decision that state that nominee should belong to the marginalized group that they wish to represent. It seems to us that the COMELEC has shown a grave inconsistency over its decision. It also approved dubious partylist lead by businessman and government officials”

The group warned the public that they should be critical in choosing their partylist for the 2013 election, “while the number of partylist approved has significantly decreased, dubious partylist is still rampant in the present list of partylist, Longid said.

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