Lady solon urges lawmakers to vote according to conscience, not by party

ZAMBALES Rep. Mitos Magsaysay urged fellow lawmakers to vote according to their conscience on the controversial  Reproductive Health Bill and not because of party pressure.

“The RH bill is a very sensitive piece of legislation and I ask my fellow lawmakers not to decide based on what their party is voting for but rather vote according to the merits of the bill. This is the time to assert our individuality and represent our people, the people are counting on us to do the right thing.”

Magsaysay said that the RH bill has been debated on countless times in Congress and both the pros and the cons of the bill have been tackled extensively by debate. This, she said, should be enough for lawmakers to have a clear idea on what they should be voting for and why they are voting for the passage or rejection of the bill.

“Our duty as lawmakers is to ensure the creation ands passage of bills that will benefit the Filipino people and part of this is to understand these measures that we are proposing and vote based on what we believe is right and not what our parties believe is right.”

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