Manny’s attitude to loss a model for athletes everywhere – Mitos

ZAMBALES Rep. Mitos Magsaysay said that People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao’s acceptance of his loss to boxer Juan Manuel Marquez proves that he is a class act and a good role model to sportsmen everywhere.

“Manny’s acknowledgement of his loss is a great example to sportsmen who have suffered a similar fate. Instead of placing the blame on a variety of reasons, he chose instead to reassess his game plan and his attitude going into the fight. Instead of backing down, he is showing an open mind to the next chapter in his journey.”

Magsaysay said that Manny’s supporters should follow his example and accept his loss as part of his journey as a boxer.

“Nobody can win it all. Not even Manny. Perhaps, we put too much expectation on our champion and that is why many still find it difficult to move forward. It is a sad day for Filipinos but Manny is a tough cookie. He has been through more difficult adversities and forged ahead. I believe that this time will be no different.”

“The best thing we can do for now perhaps, is pray for Manny’s health and for a clear head in deciding which path he will take in his boxing career. For now, it may be best not to overanalyze the situation and leave the Pacquiaos to spend their holidays in relative peace, and focus our attentions on the needs of our fellowmen who are picking up the pieces of their lives after they have been ravaged by typhoon Pablo.”

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