Of endings and beginnings

It was such a gloomy week for most people in Mindanao especially in the aftermath of Typhoon Pablo.  Even as my own house in Marikina was submerged in the floodwaters of Typhoon Ondoy, I have never felt more hurt and saddened by the images of typhoon victims than what I see now in Mindanao, not just because I was born there but more so because the victims are simple and mostly poor people who lived every day of their lives communing with the elements that used to nurture them.

Even as indeed the mining industry in the area gave some people much-needed jobs, still, only a few have enriched themselves.  When I was conducting my doctorate research in Davao del Norte and Davao Oriental in 2010, at times it was difficult to get a room in hotels in the area as they were fully booked with miners and their entire families who were in the city trading their gold.

I was amazed at the wealth of these people who were merely clad in shorts, sando and slippers. Sadly, whatever wealth they got, nature recovered many times over.

May this unfortunate episode in the lives of the people in the Davao Peninsula serve its lesson particularly to those who govern the area.  And may people in the area again place their trust in their governments who are now struggling to save the lost and support those who were given another chance to live.

On a happy note, congratulations to the National Press Club-Batch 2 of the PLM’s Off-Campus program who will have their last and final exam today.

Congratulations, in particular, to our very own Asec Alvin Feliciano, class president.

Congratulations and best wishes, too, to Jay Poblete and Istee Elizalde on their wedding day tomorrow, and happy 18th birthday to Christine Bonifacio!

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