Oreta warns: Beware of botcha

Mayor  Antolin ‘Lenlen’ Oreta lll has cautioned the public, particularly Malabon residents  against  buying  botcha (popularly known as double dead meat) that are being sold  in footpaths, makeshift or even in  big markets.

He made the warning following the confiscation over the week end in Barangay Catmon, Malabon City of some 40 kilos of  botcha by operatives the Mayor’s Complaint and Action Team (MCAT).

The youthful mayor has  directed the police, MCAT and the city Health department  to be on a look-out for unscrupulous traders that would take advantage of the increase demand to dispose of their stocks of botcha.

Market master Joey Gutierrez  was also under instruction to closely coordinate with law enforcers for the seizure of  botcha (either pork, chicken or  beef)  and arrest of  traders selling double dead meat.

Voicing concern, Oreta said  that as Christmas and New Year  get closer,  people will buy meat that are being sold at low prices,  not knowing that  these are already  unfit for human consumption.

People getting sick because of  (these) botcha is farthest in our mind. We have to ban botcha

traders in the city, we’ll file charges against those

that are caught selling their contaminated  meat here in Malabon.

According to health experts, botcha when taken, can make one feel dizzy, causes diarrhea, and worst poison your body  and eventually death.

To avoid this to happen,  go  to  your doctor immediately or to the  hospital  for  proper medication,  said  Dr. Rommel Lizan, Malabon city health officer.

In the case  of the trader  caught  with the 40 kilos of botcha dentified as Melecio Toledo, Jr. Mayor Oreta said that men of  S/Supt. Ferdinand Ampil will file appropriate charges against suspect Toledo.

Under the law,  violators of Republic Act 9296, also known as the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines are slapped fines ranging from P1,000 to P10,000 with imprisonment of two to six months.

The mayor  also urged barangay leaders, as well as the citizen to report  the presence of botcha in
their communities.

The information they would provide us in the whereabouts of botcha will certainly help us neutralize the spread of  expired and contaminated meat in the city, he said.

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