PCA increases analysis and laboratory fees

PHILIPPINE Coconut Authority Administrator Euclides G. Forbes has announced an increase in laboratory fees during a stakeholders’ consultative meeting held recently at the PCA Executive Lounge.

As presented by Product Quality Control and Research Division (PQCRD) and Plant and Soil Analysis Division (PSAD), noted factors which significantly affected the operation of the laboratories that resulted in the adjustment of laboratory fees are: chemicals, culture media, columns, aluminum plates, gases (e.g. argon, acetylene, carbon dioxide, oxygen, compressed air, nitrogen, propane, oxygen), laboratory supplies and maintenance and calibration of equipments.

The PQCRD laboratory provides services such as chemical, microbiological, aflatoxin and is establishing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) analyses of coconut and coconut by-products to ensure quality standard commodity/ies while PSAD provides analyses of soil and coconut leaf, other crops and fruit trees, fertilizer, water and other agricultural samples.

Leaf analysis is a technique which helps find out the fertility of the soil by determining the elements present in the leaves. It is actually “asking the plant what it needs and what it can get from the soil.” The Administrator added that this method permits the identification of the mineral nutrient deficiencies or toxicities of the coconut crop accurately. This also holds true with other crops and plants.

“The increase is justifiable based on the increase of consumables and maintenance of the pieces of equipment. The current analysis fees had been in effect since 2003”, said Administrator Forbes.

The said fee increase is acceptable to the stakeholders and will take effect on December 1, 2012.

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