Plantation landlords, agri-corporations answerable for flashfloods – Anakbayan

THE youth group Anakbayan slammed banana and pineapple plantations in Mindanao for the flashfloods, during typhoon Pablo which continues to affect hundreds of families.

“It’s disgusting how these plantations are not mindful of the children, especially, who will suffer the consequences of deforestation in the area,” Anakbayan Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo said.

Typhoon Pablo (international name Bopha) unleashed its fury in parts of Visayas and Mindanao. Particular areas which were severely affected include South Cotobato, which hosts banana and pineapple giants Sumifru Philippines Corp. and Dole Philippines, Inc. (Dolefil).

The said companies sought further expansion of their plantations spanning thousands of hectares, prompting opposition early this year.

Thousands of hectares worth of trees in upland areas are cut down to make way for plantations. These become susceptible to soil erosions whch in turn choke waterways and cause flooding in the lower areas such as South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat.

“It is ridiculous how Noynoy is blaming the likes of small-scale miners while ignoring these landlords and foreign agri-corporations which actually cut more trees but are more within the government’s power to regulate” Crisostomo said.

“Landlords benefiting from such plantations have long disregarded the interests of the communities around them. Instead of reaping the fruits of their businesses with the Filipino people, they largely export our resources and worse, bring death and destruction. Their greed must be put to an end,” he added.

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