PNoy a hypocrite for passing the Sin Tax Law – Anakbayan

THE youth group Anakbayan jeered today’s signing of the new sin taxes into law, saying that ‘greed’, and not health care, is the real reason behind the new measure.

“The loose change being promised by the Sin Tax Law for the health sector pales in comparison to the host of anti-health measures being undertaken by the Aquino regime” said Vencer Crisostomo, national chairperson of Anakbayan.

According to Aquino, P33.96 billion will be raised by the new measure, a majority of which will supposedly go to health care services. Crisostomo pointed however that starting 2013, the so-called ‘charity wards’ in public hospitals will be phased-out. Charity wards cater mainly to indigent patients who cannot afford even the most basic health services.

Also, at least 22 hospitals will undertake varying forms of ‘privatization’, focusing mainly on essential services such as laboratory tests.

Meanwhile, the youth leader said that the sin taxes’ real motives are two-fold: to create a ‘formidable’ war chest for the 2013 elections, and to continue payments for onerous debts to both foreign and local creditors.

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