Senior citizens to get free hospitalization and medicines

A LAWMAKER has proposed free hospitalization and medicines for the indigent elderly members of society.

Rep. Godofredo V. Arquiza (Party-list, Senior Citizens), author of House Bill 6682, said the needs of an elderly person for health care increases as one reaches the twilight years of life.

“It is unfortunate that at such stage, one is already hardly employable for a means of livelihood to answer for these expensive health services which is the predicament of many senior citizens,” Arquiza said.

The party-list solon said that at based on the National Statistics Office survey in 2011, there are about 5.8 million or about 6.5% of the population is composed of senior citizens.

Arquiza added that the privileges senior citizens are currently enjoying under existing laws are hardly sufficient to respond to their needs, particularly with their medical and health needs.

“While they have given so much during the prime of their lives as productive members of society, they are now left to provide for themselves,” Arquiza said.

Arquiza proposed that government hospitals should provide free medication and hospitalization to all indigent senior citizens.

Under the bill, medication refers to provision to indigent senior citizens of all medicine and similar substances duly approved by the authorities for dispensation and use, required to prevent or cure specific ailments or condition suffered by them.

On the other hand, indigent senior citizens shall be provided of medical treatment and care, including surgeries and other medical procedures required by their ailments or conditions, as well as confinement.

“By providing them free hospitalization and medicines in times of their needs, the senior citizens can attain a more meaningful and productive life,” Arquiza said.

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