Sheer incompetence

CALL it sheer incompetence and apathy by these officials in the government who spent millions of pesos to get elected just to take them back by enriching themselves at the expense of the tax-paying people without giving due importance to the public office which they chose to hold and that must be protected and upheld.

Take for example the discovery of the Commission on Audit (COA) on two projects by the city of Antipolo that were the subject of a P40.66-million loan which remains unused, resulting in the wastage of its benefits and the continuing payment for interest.

Based on the COA report, the city government contracted a loan in 2009 for the construction of the P11.89-million waste facility which was completed a year later but remains unused up to the present.

Delay in the purchase of equipment and failure of bidding, among others, virtually transformed the facility into a white elephant.

Similarly, a P28.77-million lot meant for the construction of a school in Barangay San Isidro still remained a parcel of land despite its full payment in September 2010.

Saying that the local government acquired the property even if it’s not urgently needed, the agency found that the land remained unoccupied and unutilized up to the present, more than a year since its acquisition which simply indicated the school has not been planned prior to the purchase.

Noting further that the city government didn’t have proper planning or prioritization when it rolled out the projects, the COA said the funds for the purchase could have been used instead for the pressing needs of the students and teachers like textbooks and other reference materials, armchairs and desks.

Worse, it’s continuously paying the interests on the loans contracted for the costs of the two unused projects and yes using the taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

How many other projects that have been funded but remained unused and wasted due to the government officials’ gross incompetence and severe lack of interest to the welfare of the very same people who propelled them to power?

‘Great Doc’

Who says greed now prevails upon us and those who are aplenty get richer unmindful of others especially those who are poverty-stricken?

Not Dr. Generoso T. Abes, a professor at the College of Medicine, University of the Philippines and director of the Philippine National Ear Institute, National Institute of Health.

My elder sister, Adalia, was so grateful of Dr. Abes who didn’t hesitate to attend to her and have her undergone extensive check-up at the Manila Doctor’s Hospital on her damaged ears even if she couldn’t afford to pay for it as she’s been cash-strapped citing personal matters that perhaps don’t need to be discussed about.

To him, money is not an issue for reaching it out to those in need must come first and the blessings will pour in. You’re great Doc, may your tribe multiply.

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