Silent operator

LUCKY are those who have real friends that never ask for anything in return for every favor or help they offer for they know the blessings will come in in some other ways for those who share and give.

This writer couldn’t help admiring a new found friend in the name of Nick Yumul, a businessman and president of a homeowner’s asso-ciation in Pulang Lupa, Las Piñas City where my sister Adalia and her family live. He is well-loved by many especially in the village that they don’t want him to leave his post despite his desire to give others a chance.

Not  too  long ago when I met him during my endeared mother’s birthday bash held at my sister’s home where we easily got ac-quainted with each other perhaps when we talked of many issues and, yes, politics.

This unpretentious “Kuya Nick,” who is a buddy and an el-der brother rolled into one, turns out to be a long-time friend of Senator Manuel Villar and wife ex-Rep. Cynthia Villar. Their ties developed when the Villar couple was just starting a small realty venture in the mid 70’s at the time he’s also into kind of business that’s in some way thrived with the help of the Villars.

A kind of person who always looks back from where he started, “Kuya Nick” knows how to return and share the blessings. To him it’s volition of gratitude and he’s his own style to do it and many not only in the city but in some other places who are witnesses to the good deeds of this humble and yet hu-morous man.

He wouldn’t have to tell the Villar couple, though there were times the latter could find it out of course through others, when he would spend own money during several poll cam-paigns dated back when Senator Villar was running for the first time for congressman and the last was during the 2010 presidential derby. A silent operator indeed.

But to him, it was still too small to compare with the size of the earth, so to speak, the gains he has been getting out of his unquestioned ties with the Villars and its’ just proper to be grateful and to share the blessings to others.

Besides, he says, those are the values he learns from Senator Villar and ex-Rep Cynthia, who by the way, is already at the Ma-gic 12 of “senatoriables” for 2013 mid-term polls.

For “Kuya Nick,” the Villars are his “true friends, precious but rare and they’re not just common friends who’re like common stones that can be found every-where.”

And I could say I’m a lucky guy that has peace of mind and peace of God too because my octogenarian mother, who now permanently lives with my elder sister Adalia, is in a serene place called Perpertual Village.

May you tribe multiply, “Kuya Nick.”

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