Spare us your lies, Digitext Asia

DIGITEXT Asia would like us all to believe that there is a demolition job against it.

But not too fast, dude!

From my good source, what Digitext Asia is actually doing is to feed the news media with all its lies in the hope that it can sway public perception that it has already been awarded the P8.3-billion information technology project for the Land Transportation Office.

Yes, Digitext Asia was right to claim that it has tendered the lowest bid of P3.8 billion among the three other bidders, which include Fritz & Maczoil Asia and Eurolink Network at P5.3 billion and P5.8 billion, respectively.

Yes, Digitext Asia was right to claim that Stradcom Corporation will soon be replaced as the IT service provider since its contract with LTO is set to expire on February 2013.

But please, spare us your lies, Digitext Asia. The Filipino people deserve just the plain and simple truth. Hubad na katotohanan!

Digitext Asia should stop peddling lies that Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya has already awarded the contract to Digitext Asia. For the record, DOTC has NOT awarded the LTO-IT project to any firm. Evaluation of the three bids is still undergoing.

Instead of spreading all these lies, Digitext Asia should pray to high heavens for miracles that the government and the public would not discover the real truth that its only capability lies in medical transcription services, but not for such wide-scale automation project.

It is foolhardy for the Aquino administration to award such very important automation project to Digitext Asia on the sheer merit that it has offered the lowest bid. Otherwise, if we pay peanuts, we definitely get monkeys!

And it is even suicide for the government to award the LTO-IT project to Digitext Asia whose four of its incorporators (Camarines Sur Governor LRay Villafuerte and his wife, and their associates Vida Reyes and Ann Tiongco) have yet to come clean for the plunder cases filed against them involving seven highly anomalous tourism-related projects totaling P104.5 million.

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