Teachers hold ‘dry noche buena’ vs reduction of PEI

FOR the past two years, we have been receiving what we consider as “Christmas bonus” or Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI)  in the amount of P10,000.  This year, the Aquino government unexpectedly lessened this to  P5,000.  This move has angered us that is why we held a “salo-salo with ‘tuyo’ and tomatoes at the Mendiola bridge two days before Christmas,” Mr. Benjamin Valbuena, ACT Chairperson said.

“This signifies the disheartening condition that our public school teachers will be experiencing this holiday season. We will have a “dry Noche Buena” this year”, Mr. Valbuena stressed further.

Secretary Abad of the Department of Budget and Management says that Executive Order 80 “Directing the adoption of a Performance based Incentive System for Government Employees” is also meant to augment the P5,000 Productivity Enhancement Incentive.

Mr. Valbuena explains, “However, this Productivity Performance Bonus (PBB) is deceptive, divisive and will further decrease our benefits. Instead of encouraging cooperation and unity among co-employees, this will trigger competition and eventually divisiveness. It will also breed “palakasan” and “sipsipan” system. The evaluation of our performance rests on the hands of our superiors and there is a great possibility that their judgement of our work may be arbitrary or subjective.  This will then affect the amount of “bonus” which we will receive.  There will no more be across-the –board salary increase.  Even the Salary Standardization Law will be removed.”

DBM further said that teachers and personnel in the Department of Education will be receiving their PBB before the end of the school year yet since their evaluations have not yet been submitted.  There is still no output performance which is a major factor in this situation.

Mr. Benjamin Valbuena further said, ”Given all these aspects,  ACT calls all teaching and non-teaching personnel to join us in our continous fight for higher salaries and wages.  Let us ask that PBB be junked. Let us expose and oppose the privatization and corporatization of government agencies and services which are dictates of  the neo-liberal policy of globalization.”

And, in closing, Mr. Valbuena said, “We call on the Aquino government to give what is due us this Christmas – the P10,000 PEI!

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