Youth groups unveil Higantes at UP Lantern Parade

KABATAAN Partylist joined the University of the Philippines annual year ender activity, the Lantern Parade with members marching while holding their version of the traditional Angono, Rizal effigy, the Higantes.

Their Higante was shown to be an ordinary young man called “Isko” who showed the positive side to all the aspirations and struggles the Filipino youth have gone through in the past year.

“This past year, the Filipino youth have been active in pushing for the scrapping of the Cybercrime Law. Obviously, the youth are the largest group of internet users in society and their participation to protest the repressive law was admirable” said National President, Atty. Terry Ridon.

“And we need to push more, as the Oral Arguments for the law start this January 15. The administration remains adamant to push for the law, going so far as to ask the Supreme Court to take back the imposed TRO” he added.

They also brought headdresses besides placards showing the issues and advocacies that they have fought for this year.

“We, the youth are proud to say that we were at the forefront of defending our right to accessible and quality education. This year saw the implementation of the K-12 program, added years and an added burden. Also the rampant tuition and miscellaneous fee hikes; 2012 saw about 300 schools across the country raise their fees. Education should be safeguarded and not attacked by state policies,” said Ridon.

Kabataan joined other UP students in the Lantern Parade who sought to expose the military presence in campuses across the Philippines.

They conducted a marching flash mob singing “all I want for Christmas is our calls,” as a PNoy clothed man fails to disturb the march signalling the consolidated unity of the youth that cannot be broken.

“It is not something new that as the election draws near, military presence in civilian areas increases. This becomes a reason for both harassment and violating the democratic process of elections” explained Ridon.

“Next year’s challenges will be met with greater force by a more united Filipino youth. Education, human rights, civil liberties and livelihood are all concerns of the youth and we will once again prove our strength as agents of social change in 2013.”

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