852 gun owners in Western Visayas ‘discovered’ dead

THE Western Visayas Regional Police office on Friday said that its forces have discovered that some 856 gun owners in the region with un-renewed gun license are already dead.

The regional office’s “Task Force Armas”, a unit formed to focus on accounting of loose and unrenewed gun licenses, made the report after making home visitation to 18, 459 gun owners across the region from January 6 to 15.

The Western Visayas regional police estimated that there are some 33, 067 gun owners in the region with expired gun licensed as of August 30, 2012.

Regional police commander, Chief Supt. Agrimero Cruz Jr., said that relatives of the dead gun-owners with expired gun license has the option of turning over the firearms to the apply or apply for a new license.

“A lot of them don’t know what to do to the guns of their relatives that have died or were already dead and we are giving them an option to either surrender it to the police or apply a new license,” Cruz said.

The police’s Oplan “Katok” or house-to-house visitation also discovered that 1,338 of the registered licensees cannot be located on their addresses about while 2,870 have changed addresses.

The task force also discovered that 671 of the formerly registered firearms were sold, but the transfer of ownership was not consummated.

Likewise, the task force also reported that 23 registered owners denied to have owned a gun, 32 have fictitious names, 150 have surrendered their firearms, 837 declared lost their firearms and 37 said their firearms were confiscated.

To date, 2,683 gun licensees were already renewed and 1,838 were already submitted for renewal, the police regional commander said quoting reports.

Cruz expresses optimism that the campaign on loose and un-renewed firearms license will deliver good results with 7,118 gun owners signifying their intention to apply for renewal the soonest they have the budget.

“I have just given the directive to our people to intensify our campaign against loose firearms and Task Force Armas is now preparing the necessary documents for application of search warrants,” Cruz said.

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