AFP to assist in election gun ban implementation

THE Armed Forces (AFP) on Sunday said that it is ready to provide a supporting role to the Philippine National Police (PNP) in nationwide implementation of the 150-day long election gun ban.

The AFP said in a statement that it will assist the PNP in checkpoint and gun ban implementation during the election period through the Joint Peace and Security Coordinating Centers (JPSCC).

The National Firearms Control Program took effect today, January 13, with the election period that will also activate the AFP-PNP Election Watchlist Areas with the AFP augmenting police checkpoints, especially in election hot spots.

“The Commission on Election (Comelec) through the JPSCC will also ensure the strict implementation of the provisions regarding security detail to authorized candidates,” the AFP said in a statement,

The AFP said that it will also maintain vigilance and is prepared to complement police forces in dismantling private armed groups along with organized crime groups that may take advantage of the campaign season.

“Through the JPSCC, the AFP and PNP will implement intensified law enforcement and security operations to implement COMELEC resolutions as well as thwart criminal activities throughout the country,” the AFP said.

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