EXPECT as it’s expected that these crooked smuggling syndicates will surely have a field day in the coming days, thanks but no thanks to these corrupt government officials from PNoy’s “Tuwid na Daan” administration who are in ca-hoots with equally shady businessmen.

Don’t dare ask Customs chief Ruffy Biazon about it since after all, according to him, “smuggling is not that bad here in the country.”

Such brilliant statement from the magnificent man whose control over the bureau is amazing, that’s if we are to rely on his press releases which to some are mere ‘praise releases’ designed to make it appear that he’s much more different from his predecessors especially in terms of revenue collections and performance in anti-smuggling drive, huh!

Heard through a grapevine about these so-called oil smugglers who bring in petroleum products through coconut oil storage facilities at the Subic Free Port and other ports where importation is tax-free.

They do these in order to avoid paying the 12 percent value added tax on imported petroleum products which result in tremendous losses to the government to the whopping amount of over P30-billion in revenues!

As Commissioner Biazon is saying: “smuggling happens because there is connivance between corrupt government officials and corrupt businessmen,” so there you go. What more can we expect from these officials to do the real thing when their mindsets are stuck on such premise?

It’s not far from mere finger-pointing from the concerned government agencies primarily aimed at washing itself from incompetence and inability to realize its promises to collect the much-needed revenues and totally stamp out smuggling in the country.

And now that the sin tax law is in the offing and given the cleverness of traders, expect smuggling activities to increase with impunity as smokers as well as wine drinkers would now be forced to patronize smuggled cigarettes and liquors instead.

Well, as what the good commissioner is saying: “Smuggling is not that bad in the country.”

That’s his praise releases, err, press releases.

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