Casiño changes online avatar in support of #NoToCybercrimeLaw protests

PARTYLIST Rep. Teddy Casiño today changed his online avatars in all his social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) in support of the ongoing vigil at the Supreme Court by the #NoToCybercrimeLaw campaign.

Using a teddy bear icon with a tape on his mouth, Casiño wished to highlight his opposition to the oppressive law.

The lawmaker also enjoins his combined 20,000 followers in Facebook and Twitter to do the same and to flood the internet with the #NoToCybercrimeLaw hashtag.

“The online community should “walk the cyber-talk” by wearing black and bringing themselves to the mob at the Supreme Court tomorrow. We should all come out and defend our freedom of expression,” said the Makabayan senatorial bet.

The solon reiterated his opposition to the recently enacted Cybercrime Law, saying it is like imposing libel on ordinary conversations.

“Libel, if it is to be applied to social media at all, should have different parameters. Problem is, dahil isiningit lang ang probisyon, hindi ito masusing napag-usapan. Kaya bukas ay kailangan nating ipakita ang pagtutol sa Anti-cybercrime law sa pagdagsa sa Korte Suprema” Casiño said.

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