Casiño seeks probe, demands stop to US espionage

PARTYLIST Rep.Teddy Casiño called for a probe on the presence of a US-made unmanned aerial vehicle or “drone” off the waters off San Jacinto town on Ticao Island in Masbate and demanded that the US stop its espionage operations in the country.

“Dapat talaga eh imbestigahan ang pangyayaring ito dahil tila minamanmanan tayo ng mga dayuhan sa sarili nating bansa at napakaraming tanong na dapat sagutin,” said the lawmaker.

“This incident is alarming and a potential infringement on our territorial sovereignty. The US as well as Philippine governments have a lot of explaining to do,” he said.

Casiño said there are at least 5 questions that need to be answered by Philippine and US authorities:

1. What was the drone doing in that area & what was its mission?
2. Was the PH government aware of its presence and operation?
3. Who gave the clearances for such an operation?
4. What was the legal basis if indeed clearance was given?
5. If no clearance was obtained, will the Philippine government file a protest?

“The answers to these questions are of paramount importance and have to be provided at once lest a cover up is being done. It appears that the US is infringing upon our territorial sovereignty with impunity and we from Makabayan will not take this sitting down,” said Casiño.

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