Enrile’s generous gift-giving at the expense of taxpayers: A nasty habit of political dynasties

MIGRANTE Aotearoa New Zealand , a Filipino migrants group in NZ reiterated call to end political dynasties as it expressed dismay and outrage over news that Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile gave 22 senators a total of almost P30 million Christmas cash gift.

“Enrile and his likes belong to a breed of political dynasties who have a nasty habit of generous gift-giving at the expense of Filipino taxpayers. This latest news of giving away taxpayers’ money is a New Year Shocker Most Foul. Wala silang delicadeza. They are so insensitive of the thousands of Filipinos who have lost their homes and livelihood from the series of typhoons,” Dennis Maga, Migrante Aotearoa national coordinator lamented.

Overseas Filipino community organizations like Migrante have launched fund appeal to support relief and rehabilitation missions in Mindanao .

“It is deplorable that the calls to stop large-scale mining and logging to at least reduce the impact of climate crisis in the most vulnerable communities have fallen on deaf ears of government. It’s totally sickening that the country’s highest public officials continue to allow plunder and devastation in our homeland then they get hefty Christmas bonuses from a bad Santa in the Senate who is one of the worst faces of political dynasties in the Philippines,” Maga stated.

“This election year, we urge Filipino voters to oust the political dynasties and support alternative voices like Makabayan candidate Teddy Casiño who stand for meaningful economic and political reforms,” Maga concluded.

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