Group says no to Cha-Cha, Trans Pacific Partnership

LABOR center Kilusang Mayo Uno today condemned American businessmen and the US-Philippines Society for calling on the Aquino government to amend the 1987 Constitution so that the country can join the Trans Pacific Partnership trade alliance.

“We say no to Cha-cha! For many years now, American big business has been pushing successive governments in the Philippines to amend provisions of the Constitution pertaining to foreign ownership of lands and public utilities. Undertaking Cha-cha will pave the way for the complete sellout of the country to big foreign capitalists and will further make us Filipinos squatters in our own country, KMU said in statement.

Elmer “Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson said “joining the TPP would mean the further liberalization, deregulation and privatization of the country’s economy.”

These policies have worsened hunger and poverty among the Filipino workers and people. The TPP, which was created by the US to overcome the collapse of negotiations under the World Trade Organization, is a dictatorial alliance that imposes aggressive free-market policies on member countries. It seeks to outdo the much-hated WTO, he said.

Big foreign capitalists have increasingly dominated the country’s economy and the Filipino workers and people have only sunk deeper into poverty. They have increased their profits by plundering the country’s mineral and other natural resources, making agriculture serve their quest for profits rather than domestic needs, exploiting our workers, and destroying the environment. We reject their greater control of the country’s economy, resources, labor, and environment.

The group called on the Filipino workers and people to heighten vigilance towards the Aquino government’s attempt to ram through Cha-cha this year.

“We have to fight and defeat this anti-poor and anti-Filipino scheme with our collective actions and protests. The Aquino government is so subservient to the interests of big American and forieign capitalists that only our collective and militant opposition can stop it from pushing through with Cha-cha and joining the TPP,” the group said.

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