Group supports the barricade vs demolition in Brgy. Catmon, Malabon; slams Aquino and his demolition regime

AS residents of Sitio 6 barangay Catmon, Malabon prepare for yet another attack on their homes by demolition teams, Anakbayan and other youth groups joined the vigil and barricade in the area.

The demolition is meant to clear the path for new roads that would connect to Letre under the community mortgage program of the city government.

However residents say this will thousands of displaced families and loss of livelihood, something that has already become all too familiar during Aquino’s regime.

“Months before the mid-term elections, Noynoy proves once again to be the country’s demolition king managing to lead the government into carrying numerous large scale demolition projects” said Anakbayan Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

There were already some initial preparations in the area last week which did not sit well with residents.

Under the Community Mortgage Program, the local city government has not conducted any form of consultation nor for project that will endanger the lives of 800 families. No form of rehabilitation or relocation has been offered or consulted as well.

“They are leaving the people no choice but to defend their homes against the violence that demolition teams have shown throughout Aquino’s term. Road projects have also been easy targets for both government publicity and Public-private partnerships for the interest of big business at the expense of people’s lives” added Crisostomo.

“The events that saw Silverio Compound in Paranaque leaving 1 dead, 36 injured and 33 arrested is still fresh in the memory of the public. Despite this massive and violent demolition operations still continue. This only shows the disregard the Aquino administration has for the poor; they are bombarded by price hikes, privatization among other programs that make basic services more and more inaccessible” explained Crisostomo.

“Demolitions like these condemn the people to hardship and poverty, Anakbayan along with the residents and Catmon and even those in other urban poor areas remain vigilant and steadfast in defending the people’s right to their homes and livelihood” concluded Crisostomo.

Anakbayan kept watch until the early morning at which the demolition teams are expected to arrive.

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