Lady solon calls on colleagues to act on FOI

ZAMBALES Rep. Mitos Magsaysay has pledged her support for the Freedom of Information Bill, one of the priority measures being pushed to give Filipinos, especially the media, access to public documents in a bid to make government transactions more transparent.

“There is only a bit of time left before Congress adjourns but there is still hope that this vital bill will be tackled in the House,” she said.

Magsaysay believes that the bill will deter officials from committing wrongdoing and hold them accountable for their actions. It will also give the public a chance to judge key issues based on actual merit and not hearsay.

Magsaysay also urged her fellow lawmakers to attend the remaining sessions of Congress to focus on the important bills that need their attention.

“If we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear,” she said.

“A public office is a public trust. As such, it is high time for this country to prove to the world that we mean business in terms of transparency and good governance. Talk alone is meaningless until we actually do something that backs up all of these statements. I think there is no stronger statement than the FOI bill.”

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