Lady solon seeks creation of barangay breastfeeding center

LAGUNA (3rd District) Rep. Maria Evita R. Arago has filed House Bill 6742 which seeks to establish a breastfeeding center in every barangay throughout the country.

Arago (3rd District) said “promoting breastfeeding will ensure maternal health as well as facilitate the recovery of mothers from the rigors of pregnancy and birth.”

The lady solon said it is the policy of the State to promote the general welfare of infants and mothers by promoting breastfeeding to provide protection against major illnesses in children such as respiratory infections, diarrhea and malnutrition.

The bill states that if the barangay health center in a particular barangay already has sufficient space and equipment to facilitate the barangay breastfeeding program, the barangay breastfeeding center shall be integrated within the barangay health center.

Arago said a separate barangay breastfeeding center shall be built if the barangay health center is not sufficiently equipped to facilitate the breastfeeding centers.

The measure mandates the barangay breastfeeding personnel to conduct periodical campaigns involving information dissemination on the importance of breastfeeding for the health of mothers and infants.

The bill states that constituents of every barangay shall avail of the services and facilities of barangay breastfeeding centers for free and that no payment in any form shall be accepted by the personnel of the breastfeeding centers.

“But breastfeeding center personnel shall however be allowed to receive donations in the form of breastfeeding materials and supplements,” Arago said.

Under the proposal, all residents of the respective barangays shall be entitled to avail of the services of the barangay breastfeeding centers.

The bill further states that funds for barangay breastfeeding centers shall be allocated from the budget of the respective local government units (LGUs) and that the respective barangay councils shall also allocate budget for the breastfeeding centers from the budget of their respective barangays.

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