More challenges for Filipinos in 2013 – solon

FOR 2013, we will continue to experience the same old problems that we have encountered in the previous year – people will endure economic hardships and injustice due to skyrocketing price hikes and new taxes condoned by the Aquino government,” said Anakpawis Rep. Rafael V. Mariano.

“There were no significant economic reforms in 2012. Workers’ wages are still depressed, unemployment and underemployment worsens, land reform remains a dominant social problem, the majority of the people have not felt the so-called improvement of the economy as claimed by the government. The 7.1% GDP growth registered in 2012 is a jobless growth,” said Mariano.

The solon said oil companies have raised petroleum prices again yesterday while private water concessionaires have burdened the public with higher water rates starting today, January 1. The sin tax reform law will also result to higher taxes that will be shouldered by consumers.

“Oil companies took advantage of the holiday season to hike prices. Every new year, we are welcomed with higher water bills even if water rates in Metro Manila are already among the highest in the Asian region,” Mariano said.

“Overall, we see very little or no hope at all that the people’s economic and social conditions will change. As long as the government persists with its anti-people policies outlined in its Philippine Development Plan (PDP), there will be no significant reforms.”

“2013 is a mid-term election year. Aquino is almost halfway through his term as president. We must struggle hard to achieve important social changes because all we can foresee are further economic adversities for the people under this administration,” the solon concluded.

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