NAIIPIT sa nag-uumpugang bato.

Perhaps that is the best way to describe the general sentiment of Senate insiders (meaning, Senate employees, senators’ staff, even members of media assigned in the Senate), as a result of the unfortunate things that are happening within the institution, especially after witnessing senators who they admire now at loggerheads.

For many years I have been a fan of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago and have always supported her causes.

Oftentimes we gravitate towards people who best express sentiments as if they were our own.  When Senator Santiago lashes out at people about issues that I support, I admit to feeling a particular satisfaction—albeit with some guilt—that she is doing for me something that I wish I can say but just cannot.  If her opinion about some issues differs from mine, I watch quietly by as the “storm” subsides, careful not to comment negatively on social media network to avoid causing any hurt to her supporters, especially to my friends in her office who have laid down their lives for her.

“We wouldn’t have stayed for long if she has not treated us well,” said one of my friends who goes with the senator almost all the time.

I also greatly admire Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile for the same reasons that many people do, even if  most of the time I personally do not agree with his stand on many issues, particularly the controversial ones that were recently tackled in the Senate. But I just couldn’t watch idly by as I witness people besmirch the entire Senate as an institution, even if I have to say my piece to defend whoever it is who is telling something I wish I could say—the truth.

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