Pamasahe ng LP senatoriables, hindi sagot ni PNoy


HINDI hinugot sa pondo ng gobyerno ang pamasahe ng senatoriables ng Liberal Party (LP) na nakitang kasama ni Pangulong Benigno Aquino sa isang event sa Cebu City.

Ani Deputy Presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte, hindi pinapayagan ng pamahalaan na gastusan ang LP senatoriables dahil may sarili namang pondo ang mga ito.

“Well, that goes without saying that the government is prohibited from spending any public funds on elections. The minority congressmen should also know that. And, secondly, if they are looking for the campaign expenses of the Liberal Party, that will be duly submitted within the prescribed time by the COMELEC for the list of donors and expenditures,” ani Usec. Valte.

Tinuran pa rin ni Usec. Valte na kung kasama man nya ang ilang senatoriables ng LP ay dahil may event sa Cebu City at hindi isang sortie.


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