Solon asks Senate to pass counterpart bills after House approved its version last year

BAYAN MUNA Partylist Representative Neri Colmenares today urged both Houses of Congress to consider the bill increasing the monthly pension of all SSS pensioners by a maximum of P2, 000.00 as one of the priority bills Congress should pass when Congress resumes on January 21.  This is in response to the announcement that both the Senate and the House will discuss bills that will be prioritized before the congressional recess in February.

“The House of Representatives passed on Third Reading last December 15, House Bill 4365 which increased SSS pension by a maximum of two thousand pesos per month.  If the Senate will also approve its pending bills increasing SSS pension, then the bills can immediately be signed into law and the increase could take place this year.  Sayang at konting tulak na lang at maaabot na ang matagal nang hiling ng mga pensioners natin na taasan ang kanilang pension” said Rep. Colmenares.

“The increase will not only benefit current pensioners, but also all the other SSS members who will someday become pensioners themselves as this will effectively increase their starting pension when they retire.  We ask Speaker Feliciano Belmonte  and Senate President Juan Enrile to include the SSS pension bills as among those bills they will give priority when we resume this month. The House has approved its version through the efforts of Speaker Belmonte and we hope the Senate will approve theirs,” the solon added.

There are various SSS bills in the Senate authored by Sen. Lito Lapid, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, Sen. Manny Villar, and Sen. Antonio Trillanes all pending before the Committee on Government Corporations and Public Enterprise headed by Sen. Ralph Recto.

“The passage of the SSS pension law will be of substantial help to our senior citizens many of whom continue to receive P1, 200.00 a month.  With the rising prices of food and the cost of maintenance medicine, the current SSS pension is inhuman. This will be congress’ gift to all SSS pensioners at the start of the year” said Colmenares who authored the bill at the lower house.

“The SSS has P 345 Billion in assets earning an investment income of P21-23 Billion per year and could very well afford pension increases.  The P2, 000 increase in monthly pension is a far cry from the increases given to GSIS pensioners, but this is good enough for now.  Congress will just have to consider further increases next Congress,” Colmenares said.

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