Solon proposes comprehensive program for pregnant workers

TO further empower women especially in their important role in nation building, a lawmaker is pushing for the development of comprehensive program for employed pregnant women.

Rep. Maria Evita R. Arago (3rd District, Laguna) said the comprehensive program proposed under House Bill 6691 would benefit pregnant women who are employed in the course of their pregnancies.

The bill grants medical leaves of one day during each month of the woman’s pregnancy or to any ailment or affliction she may be suffering from as a result of her pregnancy in addition to leave privileges under existing laws.

“Pregnant women who are employed will enjoy the benefit of medical leaves once every month for pregnancy-related medical consultation,” Arago said.

“But the pregnant woman should have previously furnished her employer a medical certificate confirming her pregnancy and the ailment or affliction she might be suffering from is a result of her pregnancy,” Arago explained.

The lady solon further explained that to avail of said medical leave, the pregnant woman should have rendered service of at least one year prior to her pregnancy and that the same should not affect individual and company productivity as stated in the proposal.

“She is required to notify her employer at least five days in advance  each time she takes such medical leave,’ Arago said.

Under the bill, any pregnant woman whose income in the place of domicile falls below the poverty threshold as set by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and subject to the assessment of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) worker in the area shall be eligible for assistance.

The bill likewise seeks to provide flexible working hours for pregnant women as long as it will not adversely affect productivity.

The bill mandates the Department of Health (DOH) to develop a comprehensive health care program for pregnant women and shall be implemented by the DOH through their retained hospitals and medical centers, and the local government units (LGUs) through their provincial/district/city/municipal hospital and rural health units.

Arago said the objective of the bill is to aid pregnant women during the course of their delicate condition and at the same time ensure that their employment will remain secure while they are pregnant.

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