Solon wants to establish Nat’l Coconut Industry Dev’t Coordinating Council

A lady legislator is pushing for the establishment of a national coconut industry coordinating council to unify all efforts aimed at improving the quality of life of coconut farmers and developing the coconut industry as a whole.

Rep. Sharon Garin (Party-List, AAMBIS-Owa), in filing House Bill 6755, said the National Coconut Industry Coordinating Council or NCIDCC is envisioned to become an effective and efficient body and partner of the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) in planning and developing sound public-private-sector projects, cooperation, commitment and participation to improve the coconut industry in all its aspects.

Garin said the broad-based planning and implementing mechanism under the NCHDCC would be able to mobilize advocacy, expertise and other resources to heal the ailing coconut industry.

According to the bill, the NCIDCC will be created and will be administratively attached to the Department of Agriculture (DA) to serve as the coordinating body to unify all efforts of Local Coconut Industry Development Councils (LCIDCs) nationwide in planning and implementing development projects for the improvement of the coconut industry and the quality of life of coconut farmers.

The NCIDCC shall be composed of the Secretary of DA as chairperson, Administrator of the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) as vice chairperson; and the Undersecretary of the Local Government, Department of Interior and Local Govt., as member, among others.

“The growth of the coconut industry is vital to our national development as it is a major contributor to our economy. However, the national government barely provides for its development. Recurring problems had been left ignored for decades, thus pushing the industry from bad to worse,” Garin explained.

Garin said the bill’s approval and enactment into law would also form a mechanism that will unify all efforts aimed at formulating and implementing policies and programs affecting the coconut industry, including an immediate resolution of coconut industry-related issues and concerns.

“The development of the coconut industry requires collective and coordinated efforts among and between government and the private sectors,” Garin said.

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