Workers urge SC to junk the Cybercrime Law

FILIPINO workers joined various group in calling on the Supreme Court to junk the Cybercrime Law.

“With Pres. Noynoy Aquino’s ardent defense of this repressive law and the legislature’s upcoming recess, it’s the SC that’s tasked to junk this repressive law,” the Kilusang Mayo Uno said.

KMU said: The Cybercrime Law is an attack on workers’ and people’s freedom of expression. It is aimed at repressing views critical of the Aquino government and the country’s socio-economic system. It aims to silence alternative and progressive viewpoints and strengthen pro-Aquino propaganda.

Cybersex and cyber-bullying do not warrant the implementation of a law that will repress workers’ and people’s freedom of expression. It’s not enough for the Cybercrime Law to be amended; it should be junked in its entirety, the group said in a statement.

“We are warning the public about Akbayan’s belated filing of a petition against the Cybercrime Law before the Supreme Court. Not too long ago, this group was peddling the lie that the law was OK except for some provisions. Akbayan may bolt out of the opposition to the Cybercrime Law the moment some minor amendments are introduced into the law and create the impression that the resulting law is already acceptable to the public,” KMU said.

“We continue to condemn Pres. Aquino for signing and defending this bill. We cannot help but think that this law is part of Aquino’s Oplan Bayanihan. It complements his policies that promote extra-judicial killings, militarization of communities, and imprisonment of activists,” the group added.

“We join the protests today with the call “Aaron Swartz, presente!” We pay tribute to Swartz, an activist who fought for internet freedom and killed himself after the US government filed charges against him for downloading files that he aims to circulate for free. We condemn the US government’s harassment of Swartz. We vow to continue to fight for internet freedom and freedom of expression,” KMU said.

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