Youth group urges Senate to scrap K to 12

YOUTH  group Anakbayan, in a protest held in front of the Senate this morning, called on Senators to scrap the Aquino administration’s Enhanced Basic Education Act, saying they should learn from K to 12’s past two years of implementation.

“If they are really concerned about our youth and their future, they should abandon the K to 12 program and address the roots of the worsening education crisis instead,” Anakbayan Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo said.

The youth leader pointed out that in its first phase of implementation, K to 12 already exposed its incapability to improve education.

Teachers were ill prepared on the new K to 12 curriculum and so were parents, who said that two more years of schooling are an additional financial burden.

“Aquino’s economic policies are not intended for us, but for his bosses in the US. He lets our students to face yearly tuition hikes while he raises prices of daily commodities,” Crisostomo said.

“We call on the Senate not to pursue this twisted path Aquino is paving,” he said.

The youth leader further explained, “Students will be trained to be part of our largest ‘industry,’ the service sector. Those who graduate get low-paying jobs abroad. Meanwhile we don’t have our own industries to boost our economy.”

Many parts of the country still lack teachers, quality textbooks, better facilities and even classrooms. The private sector is tapped to build the needed classrooms, but at a price higher than what the government can spend if it builds the classrooms on its own.

“Our right to education is being commercialized and that is why many can’t afford to finish their studies, or pursue the paths they wish to take no matter how these won’t make much money,” Crisostomo said.

“K to 12 only aggravates this by making education a business,” he said.

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