Drilon defends Aquino for endorsing LP bets

SENATOR Franklin Drilon said President Benigno Aquino III has all the right to openly endorse his chosen senatorial candidates running under the Team PNoy for the upcoming midterm elections.

Drilon, Liberal Party’s campaign manager, said this is because, the people’s response to his choice of candidates will serve as a gauge of the people’s trust on his administration.

“Its well within the rights of the President to endorse them because this so-called midterm elections is like a survey of the people’s trust on President Aquino’s governance,” Drilon said in an interview over DZBB.

“President Aquino is putting his political capital and credibility on the line with his candidates, as if saying this is my Team Pnoy, they will help me in the Senate and push for reform agenda,” the LP stalwart added.

Drilon defended Aquino from opposition critics, saying the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) itself is endorsing their own candidates led by Vice President Jejomar Binay who is said to be eyeing a presidential seat in 2016.

“So anong masama dun? Walang masama dun di ba? Dahil ‘yung opposition ganun din naman (ang ginagawa),” he pointed out.

Aquino’s endorsement also serves as a warning to the public to be wise in choosing the right persons who follow his advocacy towards a “daang matuwid” or straight path.

“Ang sinasabi lang naman niya, na kung sa tingin ninyo na maayos ang aking pamamahala, ihalalal ninyo sila, kaysa sa mga nagpapanggap na kasama sa tuwid na daan (What he is just asking the public is that if they agree and affirms his government then they should elect these leaders than those who are disguising themselves as part of his advocacy),” Drilon said.

“Wala pong masama. May karapatan siyang himukin ang mga tao, (There’s nothing wrong to it. He has the right to encourage the people)” he added.

Drilon said it is clear that the opposition camp will do its best to portray the President as an inept leader yet claim that they are supportive of the Aquino government’s policies.

“If you check UNA’s statement closely, some of them would attack the President when he has not yet even brushed his teeth, haven’t washed his face in the morning. So how can you say they are on the President’s side? That’s why the President felt the need to reiterate the people who are part of his Team Pnoy, and these are the people who are with him,” reiterated Drilon.

He also said the Team Pnoy have also braced themselves from critics who have branded their alliance with the Nacionalista Party candidates as a “marriage for convenience.”

“That’s right. The enemies came up with that label. But for the President, this is what he chose to help him in his administration. We accept that criticism,” he said.

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