Enrile asks people to fight corruption not only in gov’t, but also in business, other sectors

SENATE President Juan Ponce Enrile said that there is more corruption in the business and other sector of the society than in the bureaucracy or public service which the people should participate in order to eradicate the menace.

In an interview after the initial conference of the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption held in Manila, Enrile said “when anyone is talking about eradicating corruption, they should not focus only on public service since there is more corruption in other parts of the society.”

“Especially in the business sector and other sectors of our society and if indeed we want to become a saintly country, a nation of people with high sense and level of rectitude, then it must be a collective effort of everybody (to stamp out corruption), not just the president of the country, not just the senators, congressmen, cabinet members and all the bureaucrats but the entire community,” he added.

Enrile is the speaker in the conference attended by parliamentarians, dignitaries and heads of foreign non-governmental organizations, who tackled the country’s anti-corruption drive led by no less than President Benigno Aquino III, who is also the main guest speaker of the event.

The Senate chief, who was recently embroiled in the controversial release of Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE), also said that there is no doubt President Aquino has good intention in eradicating, if not reducing corruption in governance.

“And I must say this, in fairness to him (Aquino), it was well intentioned. He started it with the highest magistrate of the land and there was corruption there and succeeded in impeaching the chief justice of the country,” Enrile said.

“We have to accept that as one of the achievement of the Aquino administration,” he added.

However, Enrile said that six year term is not enough time for any president to reduce corruption in governance but it is a continuing process of every succeeding administration.

Enrile also said that the most important thing happened in the present administration is that cases are being filed against corrupt officials to show that President Aquino is determined to get rid of corrupt practices in governance.

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